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Why I love being the “second shooter”

I have had the absolute pleasure over the last two summers of tagging along with some of my fabulous photographer friends to act as their “second shooter.” The great thing about being in this role is that you get the chance to photograph the little moments that might be happening away from the main photographer’s lens, and you get to sink into the background and see things in a whole new way.

I’ve shot several times with the lovely and talented Nova of NovaMarkina Photography and we always have a great time together. I thought I’d post a few from a wedding that I second-shot with her a few weekends ago. Enjoy!

Lea-Kate: Welcome to the World!

I absolutely LOVE squishy newborn babies, and Lea-Kate didn’t disappoint in her cutness!  She is only a few weeks old and I got to spend the afternoon today hanging out with her to snap some photos.  We were lucky enough to catch her wide awake, and this is the first newborn that I’ve met who actually likes to curl up on her tummy. It made for some very cute pictures!!

We had a great time!! Welcome to the world, Little Lady!!