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Tina Rocks it!

Six months ago Tina embarked on a journey to get fit. With the help of The Lean Eating Method from Precision Nutrition, she started eating balanced meals, she introduced healthy habits into her every day life and she started on a program of regular (and sometimes rigorous) exercise.   Part of the program includes tracking your body mass and regularly taking photos to see your body composition changing and to track your results in a tangible way. Waaay back when she first started on this journey she asked me if I would take her “after” pictures to document herself crossing the finish line. 

And finish she did!  Not only did she lose inches and gain muscle, but she changed her entire attitude about being fit and being healthy. This wasn’t a diet for Tina, this was a change in the way she does things. Her dedication and enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle are truly an inspiration.

I was sooo excited to be able to help Tina celebrate her accomplishment. This is someone who six months ago absolutely HATED having her photo taken. Look at you now, girl!! Congratulations!! 

Christmas Family Photos with the Arlands

I hope everyone had a very very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday! It has been quite a year for the gilded lily and I’m working on putting together a best of 2010 post. We wanted to thank you all for your support over the last year and for making our blog and our sprouting business such a huge success.  We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2011!

This holiday, I was asked by an old friend, who I haven’t seen in many years to take some photos of her two gorgeous little girls.  We laughed when we discovered that we’ve been living just around the corner from eachother for the last few years and wondered how we hadn’t bumped into eachother in all this time!  We had so much fun getting into the holiday spirit and snapping some photos of her little ones.  Here are just a few from the day!