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Happy Anniversary Bill & Cheryl!

This weekend’s photo shoot was amazingly fun, and not just because my subjects happened to be the family of some of my great friends, but also because there were so many things to celebrate!!  Bill & Cheryl Dinnin celebrated 40 years of marriage this year, and also welcomed their first grandchild.  Here are a few from the day!

Gilded Lily Photography - beach family shoot

gilded lily photography - Dinnin family photos

gilded lily photography - Dinnin family photos

gilded lily photography - anniversary photos

Mascara – why so complicated?

Ok – let me start this with the oh-so-common remark – I’ve never written anything like this  before, so go easy on me!  This whole word of ‘blogging’ is so not my style, but my brilliant and motivated colleague has convinced me it’s the way to go.  So, here we go.

Mascara – this is something that evokes a significant emotional response out of me – a makeup enthusiast, artist, researcher, and…well…lova of all things powder and cream.  Why is it so complicated, you ask.  Well – the range of products available to the average consumer of everyday makeup is staggering…and confusing on the best of days.  Furthermore, the constant changing of the mascara guards is extremely frustrating.  I have just recently experienced the trauma of having my go-to mascara disappear off the shelves (note — Maybelline, you made a seriously poor choice the day you picked Lash Stiletto over Lash Stylist.  Boo).  I continue to tear up every morning when I catch a glimpse of my dwindling stash of the fabulous product.  The day I first tried Lash Stylist – a marriage of a voluminous product with a fine comb applicator – I had the distinct feeling that my eyelashes were finally complete!  They had met their perfect counterpart; it gave me the volume and body I was looking for, with the length and precision needed by all mascara wearers.  Well, once I discovered it was being discontinued, I began the journey of testing new products and trying to find a replacement.  The only problem was that I didn’t want to find a replacement.  I had recommended this product to countless friends and clients over the past 5 years; now I was single-handedly responsible for leaving 20 women out in the bright sun with bare lashes!

My search started at the Dior makeup counter in The Bay; Bonnie Brookes’ deep, throaty voice coming over my radio in the morning had enticed me to invest in a tube of Dior Show mascara.  The way she told it, this product was going to change my life forever.  The way it actually happened, I spent $30 for a tube of crap.  Really…crap.  Hard to use, way too expensive, and died after 8 weeks.  Dior – you have let me down.  Over the next 3 months I trialed a whirlwind of different mascaras, both high-end and drugstore.  I was left feeling disappointed and broke.  This story has yet to find a happy ending; I am currently using my very old and clumpy Lash Stylist for getting into the lash root, and then finishing with Benefit Bad Gal Lash.  I would define this combination as satisfactory, but not overly exciting. This act of desperation is an indication of my borderline addiction to mascara…well…who are we kidding – full-blown addiction.  I find myself looking at other people’s lashes, longing to get a well-coated wand and sweep away!  I continually plead with my guy to let me try some of the staple on his ginger-coloured lashes…I’ll let you know if that ever happens!

Ok,  now on to the really important take-home message of this post – ladies, regardless of whether you have a tube of mascara that you love with all your cosmetic soul, or whether you are in a transient, promiscuous phase of many tubes in your makeup bag, please oh please just put something on your lashes in the morning.  I am a big believer in amplifying the beauty of the natural variation that Mother Earth gave us, and mascara is one of the easiest paths to take.  It plays such an important role in waking up your eyes, contrasting your skin colour and framing your face.  It takes seconds, comes in every shade, texture, size, and shape, so no excuses!  And, when I find the perfect and affordable product out there, I’ll be sure to blog my little heart out!


p.s. I am always open to people’s opinions of products out there – if you have a mascara you love, please let me know!

Waiting for Baby Brown!

I was so excited today to photograph Haydn and Kim just a week before thier due date – they’re expecting a girl!  Here are a few  from our shoot in Springbank Park. These two are so much fun and are so excited to meet their new baby girl! Congrats!!

Kate & Chris Engagement Shoot

Well, I think it’s fitting that our first post should include both Kate & Crystal.

Kate in front of the camera, and Crystal behind it!

Here are a few shots from Kate & Chris’  engagement shoot in Springbank Park, with their gorgeous pup, Halifax.